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Clean News Website blog, with a verified adseñse account for sale ....

Category: Tech

Location: Lagos

Contact: 08171295645

Clean News Website blog, with a verified adseñse account for sale .

Making Purchase

To make purchase for this item, kindly tap on the purchase button above and enter your billing information. You will be requested to input a purchase code under your billing information

You will need to contact one of our purchase vendor here to buy a code worth the amount of the item you are buying. Once you submit your order, the seller will be notified of your order and will deliver the item to you via the billing information you supplied

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Refund Policy

After making a purchase, you can either reject or approve order. Once you approve an order, you wont be able to get a refund as the fund will be credited to the seller. If on the other hand you tap on reject, the fund will be reverted back to your viral seller wallet of which you can place a withdrawal request and have the money sent back to you

Please note that rejecting an order will result to a 5% deduction charge from the amount of the item if the price is ₦90,000 and below while 2.5% deduction from ₦90,500 and and above.

For example, if you placed an order for an item worth ₦50,000 and you ended up rejecting the order, you will be refunded with ₦47,500. The essence of this charge is to prevent users from randomly placing orders and also a compensation for the seller