Viral Seller Packages


This refer the bonus you get when you invite someone to join Viral Seller. You get instant 30% bonus once your invites activate their Viral Seller account

This feature indicate that with the selected package that has affiliate marketing, you can participate in our affiliate marketing activities on Viral Seller

To upload products on Viral Seller cost ₦1,000 per upload (that is, per ad space). But during your account activation, you are given free ad space depending on your selected package. If you select the basic package for instance, you will have just 1 free ad space to upload your product/services on Viral Seller while the El package give you access to 20 free ad space

For packages that have earn per affiliate click, this means whenever someone clicks on your shared affiliate link, you get to earn between ₦0.5 - ₦10 for that click even if the user dont end up buying

For packages that has daily login bonus, you get to earn ₦50 (for premium package) and ₦80 (for El package) whenever you login for the first time in a day

Whenever you invite 6 users to Viral Seller with the same package, you earn a mile stone bonus equivalent to the cost of the package - E.g if you have 15 invites to Viral Seller and 5 of them are on the premium package, you will earn a milestone bonus of ₦10,000 (cost of premium package) when a 6th user from you activates the premium package. Once the premium users you have invited so far reaches 12, you earn another mile stone bonus of ₦10,000 and this continues infinitely. This is applicable to every other packages.

For the basic package, you can only earn from direct bonus (direct invites) which is your first generation. You can earn upto the 3rd generation from the super package. This means that if you invite user A, and user A invite user B, you get to earn passively when user B activate their account and equally earn when user B invitea another user
You can learn more on the generational structure here

We conduct monthly draw participation where one or more lucky winners get to win cash or gift prizes for reaching certain task. This feature is available on all packages

The package you select determines the length of your affiliate and network contract on Viral Seller and once the duration expires, you will have to renew your contract