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Welcome to Viral Seller, a platform that is geared towards boosting your financial status, increasing your sales and protect you from scam and low quality products when you purchase things on our platform.

We recommend you read how Viral Seller works first before going through the different earning opportunities below

After you activate your Viral Seller account, you immediately get a welcome bonus of $10 in your Viral Seller wallet. This welcome bonus offer may likely end in this month of October

This refer to the bonus you get when you invite someone to join Viral Seller. You get instant 30% bonus of their activation fee once they activate their viral seller account and they also earn $10 welcome bonus We have a powerful tracking system to help you still keep track of your invite if they visit Viral Seller later without your invite link

On Viral Seller, we sell different products and services ranging from cars to properties, gadgets etc and for every successful affiliate sale that comes from you, you get paid commission based on the PPS (pay Per sale) for that product (ad). Every ad has its own PPS which is how much a seller is willing to pay you for a successful affiliate sale.

Depending on the Ad, PPS can be ₦3000, ₦50,000, ₦500,000, ₦2million or more.

This feature is only available to those who registered on the premium and el package. Once you share your affiliate link and someone clicks on it, you get to earn between upto ₦10 at random even if they don't purchase anything. These earnings go straight to your wallet

For the period of first 3 months after registration, you get to earn ₦50 (for premium package) and ₦80 (for el package) when you login daily to viral seller. This earning only take place once in a day so always ensure to login your dashboard atleast once in a day

This bonus was introduced as a way to complement the effort of our users. If a is able to invite 6 users to viral seller who are on the same package they earn a mile stone bonus equivalent to the cost of the package

For example if you have 5 invites who already signed up on the premium package, you will earn a milestone bonus of ₦10,000 (cost of premium package) aside from your direct bonus when a 6th invite under you activate the premium package. Once the premium package users you have invited so far reaches 12, you earn another mile stone bonus of ₦10,000 and this continues infinitely. Same thing is applicable to every other packages

With this Subordinate network, you can earn passively without working at all from your generational network of invites. Depend on your selected package, you can earn upto 10th generation of your subordinate invites. You put in little work at the beginning to invite someone to join Viral Seller and you continue to earn passively without stress when those people invite others.
Depending on the influx of users to Viral Seller, sometimes our algorithm may automatically assign a new/surplus user under your network

We conduct monthly draw sessions where one or more lucky winners get to win cash or gift prizes for reaching certain task in that particular month. The worth of Prizes may range between ₦20,000 to ₦500,000 and will be stated on every user's dashboard.
Participation in the monthly draw is optional

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What’s Our Users Are Saying

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Ebuka Samuel

Affiliate/Network Agent

Joining Viral Seller has really been helpful for me as I have been able to sort out my petty needs and sometimes I just check my dashboard I get surprised to see some earnings from my Subordinate network.

Ene Johnson

Affiliate/Network Agent

Its very possible to earn from home since everything now has now become digital. I just joined Viral Seller newly but the potentials of earning are great and the earnings I have gotten so far although not much yet since I just started, has really given me more push


Affiliate/Network Agent

A friend of mine in Abuja needed a phone and I shared him my Affiliate link to the type of phone he wanted and also told him that even after paying he can still request for a refund if he doesn't like the phone Well, that gave him confidence and he made a purchase and has been using the phone for some weeks now and I equally got my Affiliate pay from that sale. Viral Seller is dope✌🏽

Sarah Joseph

Affiliate/Network Agent

I actually started the network marketing aspect and I've been sharing my invite link on my whatsapp status and few of my friends have joined Viral Seller and they too have been enjoying the platform. Not to fail to mention, I got bonuses for inviting them and I am trying to hit my withdrawal threshold so I can place my first withdrawal

Emma Grabiel

Affiliate/Network Agent

A friend of mine invited me to join Viral Seller and just for testing, I tried the Super package just to see since it was something I could afford. But I may soon get a new account and choose a higher package so I can expand my earning. I just collected my first ₦43k. Affiliate marketing is a good way to start earning

Nathaniel Chinedu

Affiliate/Network Agent

Got a mail from Viral Seller that I earned my first Mile stone bonus, it felt really good coz I just do this as side hustle at home and the earning has been coming. I actually have some Whatsapp platform which I've been recommending Viral Seller to the people there