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How Viral Seller Works

Viral Seller is a secured platform that harness the concept of network marketing, affiliate marketing and e-commerce to avail multiple earning streams for our members.

Viral Seller & Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company (Viral Seller in this case) pays others (our users i.e affiliate agents) to promote/advertise products and services and generate sales. Affiliate agents promote these products or services by posting it on their website, app, or blog, Whatsapp status, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms and they earn certain commissions (which we call Affiliate Pay Per Sale) after every successful sales.

On Viral Seller, we have hundreds of products that can earn you both small and huge amount of money from the comfort of your home just for marketing products from Viral Seller on your social media and internet space

Every day transactions are on going, people are spending thousands, millions and even billions purchasing different varieties of products and the demand from people are never ending. Viral Seller has brought an opportunity for you to tap into these endless demand and transaction cycle going on every day by acting as a middle man without you needing to rent a shop, worrying about capital to start with etc. For instance, we have several varieties of cars on Viral Seller, you don't have to bother about buying cars or owning a car before you can start selling cars, all you just do is promote these cars from Viral Seller by posting them on your social media & internet platforms and get juicy commission from every successful sale

Few years ago, marketing involved you working from door to door, office to office, street to street and then advertising what you have to sell which is usually very stressful, time consuming and hectic but the internet has made it easier. You can just copy an affiliate link, post on your social media page and someone who is interested in the product clicks on the link, read through make a purchase and you instantly get your commission once the sale is approved.

One amazing thing on Viral Seller is that once someone clicks on your affiliate link to view a product, and then sees another product which they are interested in and choose to purchase this new product they like, you will still get a commission from that sale. If they don't purchase immediately and comes back to Viral Seller within a month without clicking on your affiliate link, you will still earn your commission when they purchase any product at all on Viral Seller. Just one click is enough and this is possible with the powerful tracking system we have put in place.

Take for instance that as an affiliate agent on Viral Seller you shared "Business Name Registration" ad link to your social media platform which the commission is ₦10,000 and someone who is interested to register their business name clicks on your link and while checking through, they saw a land they will like to purchase (which the commission is ₦1.5 million) and then go ahead to contact the seller and finally made a purchase of the land. Since the sale was successful, you will earn the commission of ₦1.5 million since the buyer came through your affiliate link.

We have alot of ads (products) on Viral Seller with both very high and low commission (Pay Per Sale) that can sky rocket your financial status at a blink and with all these features, this is what makes Viral Seller stands out

The Affiliate marketing industry is estimated to worth over $12billion and still increasing yearly and fresh millionaires are being birthed from this industry. Viral Seller is giving you that opportunity to partake in the affiliate marketing industry and change your financial status for good

How to Earn

Viral Seller & Network Marketing

Network marketing is a business model that relies on a network of users to grow a business. The growth of Viral Seller is difficult to imagine without the help of numerous clients, agents and partners. Today, any of our user/agent can be our partner and even earn through their invite link. After account activation each user receives a unique invite link and you can use this link for registration of new users by sending this link to your friends and contact. Once your friend clicks on the link and signs up, he becomes your one of your subordinate network and you earn certain percentage for helping us build our user base

On Viral Seller, aside just earning directly from inviting your friend to activate a package, you can also earn passively when your friend invite others to join Viral Seller. This depend on your Viral Seller package. For instance, on the basic package, you can only earn when you invite your friends directly but on the highest package (El package), you can earn upto the 10th generation of your friend i.e you earn certain percentage when your friend invite others, when those your friend invited invites others and continously till the 10th generation

With this feature on Viral Seller, you can just earn passively from your subordinate network without stress and this is what we tag as Network Marketing

The Network marketing industry is estimated to worth over $35 billion and on the increase year in year out and it's one of the best system with which you can earn passively from home.

How to Earn

Viral Seller & E-commerce

E-commerce is gradually becoming the order of the day as you can sit at home and get customers to place order for your products/ads and then deliver it to them. Buying and selling has surpassed the typical method of physical contact. Buyers and sellers now transact without even meeting physically with the aid of an online platform (usually a website)

Viral Seller is a top level secured e-commerce platform that gives you opportunity to advertise your products to a large user base. Also hundreds of affiliate agents are willing to promote your products further as long as the commission (Pay Per sale) is encouraging.

Every Viral Seller package has limited number of free ad space (that is the number of ads you can upload). Currently, the basic package has no free ad space, but the rest packages have different number of free ad space which you can use to upload your product or services on Viral Seller.

Viral Seller & Buyer Security

The E-commerce industry is characterized by lots of sellers exploiting buyers, buyers loosing money to scammers, buyers not getting exactly what they ordered for or buyers getting low quality standard of what they ordered for and these buyers are at disadvantage because they are not guarded against such vulnerability

Viral Seller unlike other e-commerce platform puts the buyer first. Buyers have right to pay for a product and if they are not satisfied with their delivery, they can reject the order and get a refund back (with little charge attached)

The way this work is that Viral Seller acts as a middle agent between the buyer and the seller. Once a buyer pay for a product, the pay goes to Viral Seller and when the seller delivers the product to the buyer, the buyer can either approve the order if they are satisfied with the delivery or reject the order if they are not. If the order is approved, we send the paid funds to the seller, and if rejected we send the fund back to the buyer

Viral Seller Earning Opportunities

Viral Seller is not an investment platform where you put money then hope it gives return after a while. On Viral Seller, earnings you make is based on your marketing ability and we can guarantee you a steady income flow from home when you connect to this vision as our sole aim is to provide a secured e-commerce system in Nigeria free from scam and seller exploitation and also to breed millionaires

To learn more on Viral Seller bonuses and earning opportunities, kindly click the How to Earn button below

How to Earn


What’s Our Users Are Saying

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Ebuka Samuel

Affiliate/Network Agent

Joining Viral Seller has really been helpful for me as I have been able to sort out my petty needs and sometimes I just check my dashboard I get surprised to see some earnings from my Subordinate network.

Ene Johnson

Affiliate/Network Agent

Its very possible to earn from home since everything now has now become digital. I just joined Viral Seller newly but the potentials of earning are great and the earnings I have gotten so far although not much yet since I just started, has really given me more push


Affiliate/Network Agent

A friend of mine in Abuja needed a phone and I shared him my Affiliate link to the type of phone he wanted and also told him that even after paying he can still request for a refund if he doesn't like the phone Well, that gave him confidence and he made a purchase and has been using the phone for some weeks now and I equally got my Affiliate pay from that sale. Viral Seller is dope✌🏽

Sarah Joseph

Affiliate/Network Agent

I actually started the network marketing aspect and I've been sharing my invite link on my whatsapp status and few of my friends have joined Viral Seller and they too have been enjoying the platform. Not to fail to mention, I got bonuses for inviting them and I am trying to hit my withdrawal threshold so I can place my first withdrawal

Emma Grabiel

Affiliate/Network Agent

A friend of mine invited me to join Viral Seller and just for testing, I tried the Super package just to see since it was something I could afford. But I may soon get a new account and choose a higher package so I can expand my earning. I just collected my first ₦43k. Affiliate marketing is a good way to start earning

Nathaniel Chinedu

Affiliate/Network Agent

Got a mail from Viral Seller that I earned my first Mile stone bonus, it felt really good coz I just do this as side hustle at home and the earning has been coming. I actually have some Whatsapp platform which I've been recommending Viral Seller to the people there